Sunday, March 29, 2009



I am having chips and cake ill hear to some music, my son likes backstreet boys and black eyed peas but i like more melodious ones, even old ones these days hindi songs too have lovely lyrics. I will write of Indian easy cooking

First thing in all good recipies there is ginger, garlic 5-6, onions 4-5, tomatoes4-5 and a green pepper grinded togather in blender till smooth

put clarified butter or 3 table spoon oil in deep vessle with heavy base and when oil is a lil warm put cumin seed 1 tea sp and a pinch of asafoetida with a little grinded corriende seeds 1 tsp and now put this grinded gravy. put the flame on simmering and let it reduce till u can see oil at the sides this takes half an hour to 45 minutes till the blend is reddish brown.

This is the basic ravy, now put peas in this and salt and turmeric and a few grinded black pepper and 2 cloves cover with lid and let it cook.

let it cook when peas are done mix cubed cottage cheese and stir,you can also stir fry cubes of cheese lightly to give a nice golden brown colour now put three cups of warm water.....yum?isnt itThis basic gravy goes into all yummy dishes lihe beans(red) and fried baby potatoes, you can also add boiled eggs to this basic gravy and make egg curry, choley (chick peas) also taste yum with this,hey i am a fashion designer too had forgotten that ay one for lessons? lol SERIOUSLY

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