Monday, March 30, 2009

Okay, the story continued from last...

Jaya came to the door her hair streaming around her flushed face,she steadied herself with a nervous forced smile she stood on her toes and pulled down the latch. The door opened and her husband lifted her in a sngle swift move. Her frail body cradled like a child's against him. "whats the matter Jaya , are you all right", She was beginning to gather her wits now, "no its ok, i am fine". Then he saw the blood on her feet he gently lowered her on the bed bending down to her injured feet. "How did you get hurt so badly? and there is blood on floor for what you had to rush to he door?"I, i just forgot about it the vase fell off while i was dusting the table". She lowered her huge eyes to hide the little tear forming at the corner. He got the dressing and the medicine, she was feeling so guilty she could not look into his kind eyes. "Now here today you stay up dont put your fair feet on earth princess they will become impure". He quoted a famous dialogue from an old time movie. She smiled and now looked up as he disappeared into the kitchen to make evening tea. Her thoughts turned to Krisna and suddenly she realised that the letter was in the sugar container. She almost jumped from the bed calling Shiv..Shiv wait ive got something... i wanted to surprise you cn you come out and sit here please. She had put her arms around her handsome husband and now was pushing him towards the kitchen door. "Wait crazy woman, what is it that is more important than your rest,give me surprises later darling". He was tired,in a way relieved that he did not have to make the tea. Jaya came back into the kitchen pushed the sugar on the back row of boxes and started the tea. Her heart beating so loudly she could hear it against her ribcage. Quickly she whipped up the surprise she had invented-a hot plate of crisp fried pakoras. She looked back and took the letter quickly placing it beneath the stack of newspaper in the store. Now relieved she appeared where Shiv was relaxing in front of the TV. He had put on a tennis match US open, his favourate and was too engrossed in the player's serve to notice the sweat droplets on Jaya's forhead.....TO be contd

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