Monday, March 30, 2009

Wow what Experience!

Wow what Experience! magnify
Came back from the meditation centre, it was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I met my childhood friend, Malwika who has married a Romanian, Mihai they have a little daughter 5 years old. Mihai usedto work with Philaharmonic orchestra he started doing sahaja yoga and in one of the sahaja marriages married my friend Malwika, he left his job to come and stay with her. She works as a management person here, today Mihai is going back to Romania after 4 years in India, there were tears in my friend's eyes and i had to tell Mihai that he will have to come back very early to take my friend.He was also a little teary eyed . They are made for each other, hope he settles soon and take his family soon. And meditation was what i cant put in words. Heavenly! This is Jayani's hand she made th flower look my way, i saw the foreigner with tweed coat near India gate as i live near India gate and all tourists flock near this place.

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