Monday, March 30, 2009

Entry for 02 January 2007

Thanks for all your comments its nice that you all liked my day to day life. Iforgot to tell you that when i bring omlett and bread or other breakfast this 11 year old baby just opens his mouth and shuts it chomp..chomp...chomp...not bothering to open his eyes even then goes to sleep again as i go to run his hot bath ive spoiled him typical first born but else he would not have breakfast lol so its additional thing.All friends try to have fresh food instead of tinned ones and include various things like cereal of different types, fruits and honey most important make food with a lot of love you will see how health improves and ppl who eat this food with good vibrationswill never fall sick. Take care all of you we are having a family holiday with all family at home and a lot of outings extended Christmas and New year celebrations!

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