Monday, March 30, 2009

Nice meditation today!

Nice meditation today! magnify
Really deep meditation tomorrow i will go to the centre for meditation i will meditate for 3 hours there. Early in the morning i will prepare breakfast and lunch and then get ready. I saw some foreigners with red bindis(mercuric oxide spot)on their forhead i felt very protective towards them. I feel very bad when people from other countries are harresed in my country. Today i saw a German very tall one wearing very nice gray tweed i touched the tweed passing by it was really well cut coat he was wearing though he was old he looked elegant in a very different way. Blogging tells us one thing for sure that firstly we all humans are equal and secondly all have same emotions same problems, right Bluey?Its sleep time for me my kids are already asleep in India kids sleep with their parents!really ive been trying to shift my son but he wont go to his own room, it will look like a horror to you guys but here its a usual thing. Another pic?

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