Sunday, March 29, 2009

Demographic transition patterns

Today weather is gloomy, so story will have to wait, im trying to concentrate what about demographic transition of populations, i will write this-According to scholars now the populations in developed countries is decreasing fast and as population history goes India too will pass through the same phaes of initial phase of slow growth where the natality and mortality occur at an equal rate keeping the population at a stagnant phase. The second phase is when the primarily agricultural socity gets industralized and the progress in mecical science leades to highher life expectancy and decrease in death rates. This stage is marked by rapid growth in human populations. Next phase is oflater expansion stage where the there is a rapid decrease in birth rates along with the decrease in death rates. This is due to education of women and use of contraceptives in the socities. The last phase is when the population almost stablises and death rate exceeds birth rate, this is due to the trends in socity which is particularly visible in countries like Switzerland, Sweden, America mostly developed industrialised nations. Here the present generation will not produce enough progeny to replace them, a classic case is Scotland where yhe present population is rapidly graying and they are hiring foreigners to work and run their economy.End of answer, my own opinion-see the westeners are getting lazy by the hour they want to have fun all the time addicted to rocking time without responsibilities so no kids and all fun. This leads to a scenario when the present menace of thirld world will become a boon as all work force and human labour is sourced from these underprivilaged downtroddens. First world beware here comes the population FACTORY OF THIRD WORLD.

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