Monday, March 30, 2009

My basic nature

My basic nature magnify
Mr Herb Master i am replying to your question- I am basically left sided by nature meaning my left channel is more active, when i am in my element lol i tend to dwell in past. When i am meditating i remain in present, have you ever wondered how kids are always happy if you observe a kid will make a play of any thing-flowers, stones , a twig, or be absorbed in any small thing like how a bird sits on a stem or how clouds are forming different shpes. He will see animals, house, trees in white cloud formations or see so much beauty in mud when he makes toys out of it. We become like a child and enjoy the moment when we are in the middle channel Shusumna. Here i refer to the picture of the three channels and the various chakras the channel are also known as the sun and the moon channel. These have their parallels in all religions but as it is a little different few people enjoyed this sacred method of ascent. So by meditating we come in centre and heal ourself from emotional and physical toxins. This makes me a balanced person not a left sided depressed person i can become if i let my self be left sided.Moment i see my balance going i meditate and balance returns, true try it! The picture in previous post is of Godess LAXAMI. And here is my fav pictur of my guru this smelling of flowers opens up your Agya chakra, Mother is inhaling fragrance of these white flowers how beautiful!

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