Monday, March 30, 2009

Kids making me crazy?

As i was feeding hot cottage cheese curry to kid one dropped popcorns all over while the other is busy spreading books, toys, colours all over when they go overboard i just am puzzled, then my mom kicks in. She tells me of how i would have two queries for every visitor

1. Do you believe in UFOs?

2. Have you ever seen ghosts?

This would lead to the next step if the visitor was kid friendly- my stamp collection, coin collection, mach box cover collection and feather collections with shell andyou name it latest collections would come out of my secret places. Poor visitor would curse his stars thinking now ways to run away before my poems and diaries would find an appropriate audiance lol this was the life then. We lived in a beautiful campus and everyday my mom would be getting phone calls from mothers about what horrid things i was making their kids do-carry my bag while i carried puppies in my skirt, clean my garden while i terrorised them that i would marry God and make them stones, animals trees whatever i fancied lol,i was a demon it seems now and look how i react to my kids being naughty!

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