Monday, March 30, 2009

Mother's feet MEDITATION

Mother's feet MEDITATION magnify
I was always curious about the soul and body connection, but the clarity came only through Sahaja Yoga you must be thinking Nirmala Ma whose picture i have given in meditation section earlier is my biological mother it is not so, i saw her in a dream when i was 16 or 17 that she would be my Guru i saw her pouring water over my head when i was 20 in college i was first introduced to this Sahaja Yoga by my best friend, then i got married at 20 itself and my first born was there when i turned 21 but all this while i started meditating regularly, i even observed that the foetus also becomes calm in the womb as mother meditates, i also felt the shwoooooz when my children's spirits entered my womb and gave me dreams about their previous births. It might seem unscintific to some but i have felt it first hand and many very deep experiences which i have to think if i should share or not as all this is sacred knowledge and ppl who dont understand these things make fun of such happeninings. If you have any confusion please feel free to ask with my little knowledgei will try best to understand and answer you HAPPY AND A VERY PROSPEROUS YEAR TO ALL MY FRIENDS!

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