Monday, March 30, 2009

Got vegetables!

Got vegetables! magnify
Its 11.30 AM and i carried home 10 kg of vgetables it was nice as i met a nice lady there today i do not feel like doing my writing work. I feel like talking to someone and going for a long walk with a friend where we talk of all flowers,bees, butterflies that we see. Where we look at the lovely shades of green see sun's slanting rays filtering through the canopy above when sometimes clouds hide the sun and the light is indirect i really feel as if the creator is casting a spell. There is sound of water gushing over the rounded boulders and calls of hill birds. I can see the stark blue sky through the leaves. The mild breeze carries a mixture of fragrances of wild flowers and wet mud, what if i lie down on the earth and look up at the sky. As kids we would go to the roof and lie down looking at the stars and make wish if a comet streaked the inky darkness, once we had this stupid idea that if we switch on and swiitch off a torch the UFOs will notice and land on our roof then i would make plans how would i go with them to their planet, or be operated by them as in a tv programm project somthing.. which was my favourate. Yah i was lying on the forest floor and i close my eyes my eyelids turn red as sun streams in ,my hair are in dust where they will go when i die and i feel to be dead would be so nice. To melt into nothingness leave al thi me me me behind.

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