Monday, March 30, 2009

I will be 33 on 10th of Jan, Me at 18

I will be 33 on 10th of Jan, Me at 18 magnify
See time flies this entry you see is wrong on the blog i am 32 still atleast till 10th of Jan.There is a wdding in the family now Indian weddings are a different ball game altogather. We have ceremonies, ceremonies and ceremonies. First there is feast and the bride and groom are decked up in silk and jewels looking like cartoon chrismas tree. Then there is worshipping the deities and a fire is lit around which the boy and the girl take 7 rounds each with vows like i shall be with you till deat (or till we kill each other by default). There are equal number of vows for man and wife,now the groom puts red sindoor(mercuric oxide)in the parting of the hair.The hindu bride wears so many signs of being married -anklets, bangles, the red spot-bindi, rings you name it. I remember the day i was married i was so dazed by all that activity that we took 10 or more rounds of fire instead of the required 7, 2 extra for repair of damages lol. Ok there is a weepy part too when the marriage is almost complete the bride throws rice at the back with out seeing. I wish i could show you ppl marrige pics. Lets see

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