Monday, March 30, 2009

My kids are cool!

My elder one is just 21years younger to me, he is exceptionally intelligent and my best advisor.He loves giving all kinds of competition and gets country ranks in first 10 mostly and that amazes me as he is never touching a book. He never studies much but his memory and understanding is superb.Computer is his passion he is into complex programming and he makes lovely animations, i call him my sea animone lol, his name is Animesh you have already seen his pic, like me he too writes. We enjoy swimming in summers and all small wonders of their childhood, my younger one is 4 years and 3 months old she is a very playful one,very friendly she is my sunshine and i feel so complete being a mother of a girl child, like a full circle. If you see closely children and flowers are two most lovely things on earth rest all is just passing and corrupted. Iam like a hawk when it comes to my kids,my first priority are my children and that is the only reason why i am not working full time. Being a mother is the most fulfilling experiennce and nothing is more important than making their lives comfortable. It gives one immense stisfaction to see kids happy and blooming like flowers, dont you agree, i love all kids, even animal babies.

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