Sunday, March 29, 2009

A stormy noon-short story

There are yellow days in summer when storm brings yellow sand, and the sky darkens one after the other Jaya closed all the windows.Wind rattled the glass windows,Jaya roughly held her longer dark brown hair and made a loose bun still the long strands hung low on her waist. She rushed out to the verandah to see it would rain, her washed clothes were strung neatly on the clothes line.In the indirect light of the day her dark eyes shined like brigt pools of clear water. She was beautiful,her cotton saree clung to her young body making her look very warm and homely.Jaya had just got married and come to live with her husband who was an Engineer. She missed her own home and her childhood friends.As she stepped out a fat droplet fell near her mouth she licked it with her tongue and smiled. She was reminded of her beloved,blushing she started to pick up clothes one by one, her heart fluttering. She scolded her self, now that you are married these thoughts should not corrupt you, her hair had uncoiled and flew in all directions. She dumped the fresh smelling clothing on a chair near courtyard and stood in the open slowly it started to rain her fair face her huge eyes her lovely lips all got drenched in warm soothing rain,as the water rippled over her body her heart soared to a place so sweet so beautiful that her soul ached b continued

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