Monday, March 30, 2009

Humans are different !

I mean that though we belong to same species but we have very different way of thinking, social setups and behaviours. India has a vat history and its epics written down in ancient times have laid down the basic norms of behaviour. I was reading the material on Sita and came across this"Anusuya said, listen princess, mother, father and brother are one's benefactors, but the happiness they provide is limited. The happiness that comes from the company of one's husband is boundless. Its a base woman who does not honour her husband. Courage, principals, friends and wife these four are tested when things go wrong. If the husband is sick or senile, or if he is blind or foul-tempered or caught in dire straits-if in such circumstances his wife does not show him respect, she will burn in hell. According to the vedas and the puranas, there ar four ranks of women. The best of them is she who regards her husband as the only man alive in the entire world. In the second rank stands the woman who regards all men, other than her husband, as fathers, brothers and sons... the worst woman is she who is virtuous only because she never had an opportunity to be otherwise...

And this epic has such a profound hold on rural a well as urban India that still with all cable tv and all western influence cannot overtake the idea of sacred relationships, there are deep roots of culture in my country which bind the social fabric and protect normal humans from erratic unacceptable behaviours. These epics and our culture is really very important i realized it today.

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