Monday, March 30, 2009


SITA magnify

This is from the material i am reading see the plight of a Hindu Godess-

When a pale and emaciated Sita, yet glowing with joy at the sight of her beloved, came walking and stood before Rama, he looked at her coldly and said,"go Sita, wherever you wish to go. I fought this battle to redeem the honour of my family and my own prowess, not for you. As your husband, i could not very well have allowed you to languish and die in a demon's house. So i fought to free you. But you are an eyesore to me now. You effect me just as strong light effects the blinking eyes of a semi-blind peron. Isuspect your character. Ravana was a notoriously lascivious man and you are ravishingly beautiful woman, after having kidnapped you he let you off just like that. You have been sullied by Ravana's embrace, you have been seen by his lustfull eyes. How can i accept you now and thus pollute my noble family? How can a person like me, who can discriminate between good and evil, accept a wife who has been in the arms of another man? Whether you bear a pure character or not, i cannot enjoy you anymore for you are now like butter licked by a dog. Go choose a spouce-set your heart on either Lakshmana, Bharata,Sugriva or Vibhishana- or any other person of your choice.

When these insults were hurled at Sita amidst a crowd of so many unknown people, she shrank visibly within herself. Then with tremendous effort she controlled her emotions and said"why do you speak to me as a low born man should speak to a low born woman? Why did you not inform me through Hanuman of your intentions to abandon me? Ravana did touch me, true, but that was because i was not strong enough to wrench myself away from such a powerful man's grip. I was helpless, so that touch means nothing. It does not effect my character. That ver which i have control, my heart, belongs to you. What could i do about the body when i was defence less? If after all these years you do not know me, then i am ruined for ever. I am no ordinary mortal, Lakshamana kindly prepare a funeral pyre, for i shall enter it."

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