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Since my mind tiring exams have finished i feel like writing endlessly as i have developed so much stamina for writing and as such since childhood its my passion to write and feel relaxed.I am so excited that i cannot stop my self from my favorite hobby. As i had mentioned about the Agya chakra(again meditation, sorry cant help) there are 7 in total chakras with presiding deities.You will be amazed to know that an English man wrote a most exhaustive book on this subtle system in 18th century- The serpent power- by Sir John Woodroffe.

There is this instrument called Kunadalini in a bone called sacrum at the base of your spine Romans KNEW of its sacred nature-thus the name sacrum. This is our individual record of all past and future, our individual primordial mother which has just one desire-that i her child gets its self realisation. Some people are born realised souls, hey are seekers from the past ancient times there system is very fine tuned and there ascent is very quick.This Kundalini rises through the middle channel Susumna and crosses the 7 chakras to merge with divine the symptom is presence of vibrations from fingers palm and top of the head-crown.

If you see that how scientific the whole thing is and so easy than you can make out so much about human behavior and diseases.

The base chakra -mooladhar chakra is at base of spine near the urinogenital system excessive promiscuous behavior damages its deity is Shri Ganesh-giver of innocence.

The next is Swadisthan a little above the base chakra, the deity are Brahma and Saraswati, the givers of pure knowledge.

Next is Nabhi or navel chakra looking after financial state and husband-wife relations=securityin life excessive wories about money and ingenious nature damages it.

The area next is void where 10 incarnation of the masters reside Moses, Mohhamad Sahib, Guru Nanak, Plato,Kabir and many more these incarnations told us about the true calling the essence of soul while living in he world doing our duties and also working towards the source of all.

Next is the heart chakra where white blood cells create the immune system and as female power primordial mother resides if this chakra is blocked we become fearful and get heart ailments, on right of this chakra are deities Ram and Sita who want us to know our limits and social responsibilities, on left are Shiva and Parwati who are the origin of all creation.

Next is Vissudhi chakra where Lord Krisna and Radha his beloved reside if we smoke, drink or use abusive language this chakra closes result-throat cancer, guilty feeling spondylysis.

Next is Agya chakra seat of Mother Mary and Jesus they teach us to forgive all and only when we put our ego on their fet and forgive ourselves and our enemies,that we can proceed or the Kundalini can cross to the Sahastrara the last chakra only when the Agya opens up. A very important chakra as these days there is so much ego and very less forgiving.

The last is the Shastrar chakra once the instrument Kundalini pierces this and opens the lotus like chakra we are connected to the collective consciousness or the supreme power. See sahaja yoga site for a better digramatic understanding.

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