Monday, March 30, 2009

So marriage is a big affair !

So marriage is a big affair ! magnify
Lots of money goes down the drain boy!you should see how we deck up gold diamonds and silk. Who will say India is a developing nation if they see the amount of gold Indian ladies wear and the amount that goes in dowry. I saw beggars yesterday when i went to shop earlier i used to keep lots of change for them but i realized this giving is a sin as it makes these guys more lazy so now no this type of giving. Indians are very hospitable people and if you give a chance to visit a normal(not mean one) household we feed you and comfort you till you are like a cat ...purring real Indians that is not the new westernised and desestised race.See a hazy marriage pic of mine hazy as i snapped a snap of a snap with digi cam lol

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