Monday, March 30, 2009

The plate of pakoras!

The plate of pakoras! magnify

Bluey, you can try this, its yummy and so easy Indian homes make this small eat in rainy season or when it is cold.

Take black gram flour-its calld besan in Hindi. Two cups of this yellow flour. Mix a little water till the conistancy is thick.

Cut potatoes, onions and a little green chilly,you can also used cubed cottage cheese or brinjal,.

Cut really thin round pieces of potato, onion and brinjal.

In the batter put these cut vegetables and mix till the vegetables are coated with the batter.

You can also put black pepper and a pinch of cumin seeds, asafotida, grounded corriender powder or finely choppd fresh corriender(a little) for kids some time spinach can also be cut into the batter.

Now add salt and test its ok or not.

Put oil in a deep frying vessle let it get hot.

When a little steam starts wafting up put little vegetable+ batter carefully into the oil at a time you can put 4-5 pieces round symitrical ones.

A little while later turn them they will be golden yellow

Tast a lil bit to see if it is cooked, press these with a strainer lighyly and when done take out the pakoras.

You can press them into tissue paper for excess oil.

Hve this with tomato sause and if you try tll me how it was!

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