Monday, March 30, 2009

I read alot al the time

Hey Sean i know but Robin Sharma in Monk who sold his Ferrari is so very what you call -kind of makes you feel like youve got no brains!Paulo coelho is much more enjoyable. May be you liked him as he is very clear in what he conveys men generally like crystal clear concepts thanks for your comments.Have you read Abducted by Robin Cook its kind of nice and i dont leave a single one from John Grisham my fave,what a joy is to read Gone with the wind and Autobiography of a yogi. Some books are unforgetable these days i am reading Ramayana an epic by Tulsidas, written thousands of years ago, its related to my work of creating an anthology an interesting work indeed i shall keep you posted about all my work.And Sean i really appreciate your comment give more !

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