Thursday, March 29, 2012

Post Meditation...thoughts

Had a beautiful dream I was near my Guru's feet, my heart enveloped my being. There was such blinding clarity all through the day. I could introspect as each thought arose like a wave and see desires forming, their illusive nature, the futility of the chase. Is really amazing how we are programmed to chase 'things' that draw us into a perpetual mirage. Even in the moments of recognition, human awareness around us closes in and we go back to a constant craving for happiness while it's embedded in our hearts. This might be logical-as when there such complexity and beauty that goes into tiniest cell of this creation it is obvious that tour potential as the most evolved species must be immense, but the deterrence in realizing this are smartly programmed, to keep us busy in the gross and the mundane. The intelligence that has created us and all the living and the intern matter reveals just a glimpse of the whole, those who dwell into the reality of this creation become detached and move completely away from the structure and system humans enjoy and create, away from hierarchy, possessiveness, greed and territorial behaviour. Meditation is becoming more enjoyable with wonderful sensations in the my heart and mind. At spiritual level there are changes manifesting and these are experiences all the humans should enjoy.