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Entry for 18 January 2007

Entry for 18 January 2007 magnify
River river tell me how you flow?


hi magnify

If I had the depth of these blue waters

if I had the mildness of the white clouds

If I had the colour of your soul

If I had the purity of white snow

If I had ember of your eyes

If I had your thoughts like dew on rose

Would you think of me as I do

Would you be me as I become you?

Entry for 17 January 2007

Entry for 17 January 2007 magnify

One entry lost! Mighty Himalayas

One entry lost! Mighty Himalayas magnify

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

But i have promises to keep,

And miles to go before i sleep,

And miles to go before i sleep

Robert Frost

I am into the lovely valleys of mighty Himalayas,transported there by my favourate poem. I remember the mossy barks, huge bright flowers and pink indirect sunlight. Our cheeks would turn red and wrapped up in rabbit fur we would run down the cobbled path faster faster with flowers in our arms. All shopkeepers knew me as i used to say hi to every one on the way some would give me sweets. Istudied in a Christian school and the only thing i remember doing in the class eas -to look out of the window at the lake where there would be yach racing each other and i would think -ok this red one is mine if this reaches the other shore i will win. One day my mother found me standing under a water fall all wet, she was so angry when i told her that i wanted to use my umbrella so i was standing under the water, now mother myself i can understand her mental state.I still think that after 40 i will go to hills make a wooden cottage on our land with a study and huge glass windows. Have a little farm with vegetables and a cow and a dog. I can tell you that dogs have very strong sixth sense, in Nainital, same place in hills where i studied there were 7-8 dogs i played with all jumped and made cute sounds as they saw me, i think i was a dog in one of my births, you should see reactions of dogs to me. So when i was there i would put my arms around these huge furry dogs and sometimes even sit on them one of the Bhotia ferocious dog which was my favourate all day i would hang out at places with animals. When i would come back to plains for few months all these dogs would follow me to the bus and they would have tears in eyes and make ki-ki sounds till i stroked their necks, they would come to know when i was leaving. My father says that dogs can see our past lives, may be.The smell of burning wood on a rainy day and with it smell of roasting food wafting through green branches around. See this writing holds a mirror to us abd tell us who we are who we were and what we are becoming, isnt it true? Tell me.

My basic nature

My basic nature magnify
Mr Herb Master i am replying to your question- I am basically left sided by nature meaning my left channel is more active, when i am in my element lol i tend to dwell in past. When i am meditating i remain in present, have you ever wondered how kids are always happy if you observe a kid will make a play of any thing-flowers, stones , a twig, or be absorbed in any small thing like how a bird sits on a stem or how clouds are forming different shpes. He will see animals, house, trees in white cloud formations or see so much beauty in mud when he makes toys out of it. We become like a child and enjoy the moment when we are in the middle channel Shusumna. Here i refer to the picture of the three channels and the various chakras the channel are also known as the sun and the moon channel. These have their parallels in all religions but as it is a little different few people enjoyed this sacred method of ascent. So by meditating we come in centre and heal ourself from emotional and physical toxins. This makes me a balanced person not a left sided depressed person i can become if i let my self be left sided.Moment i see my balance going i meditate and balance returns, true try it! The picture in previous post is of Godess LAXAMI. And here is my fav pictur of my guru this smelling of flowers opens up your Agya chakra, Mother is inhaling fragrance of these white flowers how beautiful!

Child! and Painting of Godess Laxami

Child! and Painting of Godess Laxami magnify
As i was reading my daughter came with a little insect and put it in a box i gave her,Ithink its a caterpillar and now she is sleeping with the box next to her. See the maternal instinct is there even at this tender age, she says when it wakes up i will feed him!My son was late today for bus in the morning so i also rushed with milk glass in one hand, cream and cap in other,h was so embaressed as i put his lunch box and smeared cream on his hands though only one grownup girl of 11th grade was there, oh boy he is growing! This is again by Ravi Verma as the painting above and as a child i admired this picture of Godess of wealth on my parents puja room and alter, now my parents also do Sahaja Yoga meditation. Take care all my friends!

Child! and Painting of Godess Laxami

Child! and Painting of Godess Laxami

My net was down!

My net was down! magnify
HI friends my net was down so was reading my Anthology stuff but its bad not to know whats on with you people, really! This painting of lady in moonlight i have in my home i love this one her expression and beauty.

Her hands that bless us with divine vibrations!

Her hands that bless us with divine vibrations! magnify
Mother's beautiful hands that pour waves of divine vibrations, it is a bliss that the most fortunate deserve.

Her feet which i see in my heart!

Her feet which i see in my heart! magnify
When you look at her bindi(the red pot on fore head) you may get thoughtlessness. When you pray with a pure heart immediately you will get your ascent,it is so spontaneous.

On her lotus feet!

On her lotus feet! magnify
It is this photograph of my Guru which i got 13 years back when i started Sahaja Yoga. Still the most beautifull one on the alter, one simple prayer with your hands spread will give you your self realisation. Just say" mother please give me my self realisation with your palms open in front of the photograph"and see if there is a cool breeze like thing coming from your hands and top of the head which is sahastrara. Try it!

The subtle system : MEDITATION

The subtle system MEDITATION magnify
Today I am posting the picture of the subtle system about which I had explained earlier. There are three channels in this the right, the left and the central ideally we should be centered that is- in the central channel. If we are on the right side we become very futuristic and plan all the time, this hyper state leads to emulation of this behaviour by cells leading to cancer. Cancer is nothing but unrestricted division of cells, when it fails to recognize the code of conduct of the body. When we are left sided we tend to live in the past like me these are emotional people who can become alcoholics or attract sympathysing spirits. When we are in centre we are in present moment and the whole subtle and gross system is healed. There is a lot of peace and we are protected from all psychosomatic disorders, ill explain the various diseases related to the imbalance in the system. It is very important to meditate in todays life as we lead very stressful and unnatural lives.

Wow what Experience!

Wow what Experience! magnify
Came back from the meditation centre, it was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I met my childhood friend, Malwika who has married a Romanian, Mihai they have a little daughter 5 years old. Mihai usedto work with Philaharmonic orchestra he started doing sahaja yoga and in one of the sahaja marriages married my friend Malwika, he left his job to come and stay with her. She works as a management person here, today Mihai is going back to Romania after 4 years in India, there were tears in my friend's eyes and i had to tell Mihai that he will have to come back very early to take my friend.He was also a little teary eyed . They are made for each other, hope he settles soon and take his family soon. And meditation was what i cant put in words. Heavenly! This is Jayani's hand she made th flower look my way, i saw the foreigner with tweed coat near India gate as i live near India gate and all tourists flock near this place.

Nice meditation today!

Nice meditation today! magnify
Really deep meditation tomorrow i will go to the centre for meditation i will meditate for 3 hours there. Early in the morning i will prepare breakfast and lunch and then get ready. I saw some foreigners with red bindis(mercuric oxide spot)on their forhead i felt very protective towards them. I feel very bad when people from other countries are harresed in my country. Today i saw a German very tall one wearing very nice gray tweed i touched the tweed passing by it was really well cut coat he was wearing though he was old he looked elegant in a very different way. Blogging tells us one thing for sure that firstly we all humans are equal and secondly all have same emotions same problems, right Bluey?Its sleep time for me my kids are already asleep in India kids sleep with their parents!really ive been trying to shift my son but he wont go to his own room, it will look like a horror to you guys but here its a usual thing. Another pic?

In the open sunsoaked fields of your heart

In the open sunsoaked fields of your heart magnify

In the open sunsoaked fields of your soul

let me run across the windswept grass

soak in the young orange rays of the sun

Kiss the bright faces of nodding sunflowers

drape the blue-green of peacocks in my eyes

drink the mist from your eyes

In the open sunsoaked fields of your soul

Let me still my fluttering butterfly heart!

A day

A day magnify

As the pale shadows grow longer, dust clouds gather around the returning herds and i think of the sunsets. How many final sunsets are occuring this very moment for so many lives who will not see tomorrows sun. See how very fickle life is from womb of mother to the Earth or fire of funeral. From softness of the babie's skin to the cold harsh depths of earth, how we forget this certain fate and enjoy so much through our five senses. If i come to know when i will die what will i do? I will meditate day and night as during these thoughtless moments i have no fear and gain a purity which is beyond the normal state. What will you do if you were to die tomorrow?

Good Morning, or Good Evening!

Good Morning, or Good Evening! magnify
Thanks Sean, yes i wrote this poem yesterday nice that you liked it actually this colour blue-green is very close to my heart. I kind of see a lot of beauty in this colour. I will write a few more poems if you are enjoying them so much. Right now i go to make breakfast for kids, you guys enjoy another picture of my flowers.


Dream magnify

A fragile blue -green dream

adrift on silver ripples

on a moonlit night

pines gently rustled making melody

wild flowers dipped the breeze in fragrance

blue-green of the lake

reflected in blue-green of eyes

Till a frozen heart beat thaws

warming blood in numb veins

In this vast cold universe

i have a blue -green drenched soul

Adrift the silver ripples

A pure emerald-Saphhire soul

more pictures....

more pictures.... magnify
If you smell flowers something happens your chakras open and you forgive others next time you are out smell leaves and buds. Imagine a pink huge lotus opening up at the crown of your head and breath deeply the fragrance,this will take all negativity away.

My favourate painter Ravi Verma

My favourate painter Ravi Verma magnify
I love oil paintings and specially those which tell a story may be you will also like these, done hundred years ago almost. I used to do oil and water colours but now kids disturb so much that its difficult.


Winter is so lively just because of these flowers, there are bees in the garden and butterflies from one dull brown earth these amazing colours and fragrances take birth.Rose, it smells divine.


I went out with the cam and took some nice pics, and pic of plate of hot pakoras is also there check it!Today when i was making bean potato carrot veg dish i remembered you Bluey. Come to India stay with me ill teach you all nice dishes. See the basic gravy recipie in cottage cheese dish these can never go wrong as i have made them a thousand times you can used this reduced gravy with any thing like boiled and pricked eggs(so that gravy marinates the egg) veggies or meat. You friends are so precious i like to share all my good things with you! Today its lovely, sunshine is there and soon ill write next part of the story.Ginge was following the story but he is out now for Jan. My most worshiped deity Lord Shiva. Hope you like his beautiful form.


SITA magnify

This is from the material i am reading see the plight of a Hindu Godess-

When a pale and emaciated Sita, yet glowing with joy at the sight of her beloved, came walking and stood before Rama, he looked at her coldly and said,"go Sita, wherever you wish to go. I fought this battle to redeem the honour of my family and my own prowess, not for you. As your husband, i could not very well have allowed you to languish and die in a demon's house. So i fought to free you. But you are an eyesore to me now. You effect me just as strong light effects the blinking eyes of a semi-blind peron. Isuspect your character. Ravana was a notoriously lascivious man and you are ravishingly beautiful woman, after having kidnapped you he let you off just like that. You have been sullied by Ravana's embrace, you have been seen by his lustfull eyes. How can i accept you now and thus pollute my noble family? How can a person like me, who can discriminate between good and evil, accept a wife who has been in the arms of another man? Whether you bear a pure character or not, i cannot enjoy you anymore for you are now like butter licked by a dog. Go choose a spouce-set your heart on either Lakshmana, Bharata,Sugriva or Vibhishana- or any other person of your choice.

When these insults were hurled at Sita amidst a crowd of so many unknown people, she shrank visibly within herself. Then with tremendous effort she controlled her emotions and said"why do you speak to me as a low born man should speak to a low born woman? Why did you not inform me through Hanuman of your intentions to abandon me? Ravana did touch me, true, but that was because i was not strong enough to wrench myself away from such a powerful man's grip. I was helpless, so that touch means nothing. It does not effect my character. That ver which i have control, my heart, belongs to you. What could i do about the body when i was defence less? If after all these years you do not know me, then i am ruined for ever. I am no ordinary mortal, Lakshamana kindly prepare a funeral pyre, for i shall enter it."

The plate of pakoras!

The plate of pakoras! magnify

Bluey, you can try this, its yummy and so easy Indian homes make this small eat in rainy season or when it is cold.

Take black gram flour-its calld besan in Hindi. Two cups of this yellow flour. Mix a little water till the conistancy is thick.

Cut potatoes, onions and a little green chilly,you can also used cubed cottage cheese or brinjal,.

Cut really thin round pieces of potato, onion and brinjal.

In the batter put these cut vegetables and mix till the vegetables are coated with the batter.

You can also put black pepper and a pinch of cumin seeds, asafotida, grounded corriender powder or finely choppd fresh corriender(a little) for kids some time spinach can also be cut into the batter.

Now add salt and test its ok or not.

Put oil in a deep frying vessle let it get hot.

When a little steam starts wafting up put little vegetable+ batter carefully into the oil at a time you can put 4-5 pieces round symitrical ones.

A little while later turn them they will be golden yellow

Tast a lil bit to see if it is cooked, press these with a strainer lighyly and when done take out the pakoras.

You can press them into tissue paper for excess oil.

Hve this with tomato sause and if you try tll me how it was!

Okay, the story continued from last...

Jaya came to the door her hair streaming around her flushed face,she steadied herself with a nervous forced smile she stood on her toes and pulled down the latch. The door opened and her husband lifted her in a sngle swift move. Her frail body cradled like a child's against him. "whats the matter Jaya , are you all right", She was beginning to gather her wits now, "no its ok, i am fine". Then he saw the blood on her feet he gently lowered her on the bed bending down to her injured feet. "How did you get hurt so badly? and there is blood on floor for what you had to rush to he door?"I, i just forgot about it the vase fell off while i was dusting the table". She lowered her huge eyes to hide the little tear forming at the corner. He got the dressing and the medicine, she was feeling so guilty she could not look into his kind eyes. "Now here today you stay up dont put your fair feet on earth princess they will become impure". He quoted a famous dialogue from an old time movie. She smiled and now looked up as he disappeared into the kitchen to make evening tea. Her thoughts turned to Krisna and suddenly she realised that the letter was in the sugar container. She almost jumped from the bed calling Shiv..Shiv wait ive got something... i wanted to surprise you cn you come out and sit here please. She had put her arms around her handsome husband and now was pushing him towards the kitchen door. "Wait crazy woman, what is it that is more important than your rest,give me surprises later darling". He was tired,in a way relieved that he did not have to make the tea. Jaya came back into the kitchen pushed the sugar on the back row of boxes and started the tea. Her heart beating so loudly she could hear it against her ribcage. Quickly she whipped up the surprise she had invented-a hot plate of crisp fried pakoras. She looked back and took the letter quickly placing it beneath the stack of newspaper in the store. Now relieved she appeared where Shiv was relaxing in front of the TV. He had put on a tennis match US open, his favourate and was too engrossed in the player's serve to notice the sweat droplets on Jaya's forhead.....TO be contd

Got vegetables!

Got vegetables! magnify
Its 11.30 AM and i carried home 10 kg of vgetables it was nice as i met a nice lady there today i do not feel like doing my writing work. I feel like talking to someone and going for a long walk with a friend where we talk of all flowers,bees, butterflies that we see. Where we look at the lovely shades of green see sun's slanting rays filtering through the canopy above when sometimes clouds hide the sun and the light is indirect i really feel as if the creator is casting a spell. There is sound of water gushing over the rounded boulders and calls of hill birds. I can see the stark blue sky through the leaves. The mild breeze carries a mixture of fragrances of wild flowers and wet mud, what if i lie down on the earth and look up at the sky. As kids we would go to the roof and lie down looking at the stars and make wish if a comet streaked the inky darkness, once we had this stupid idea that if we switch on and swiitch off a torch the UFOs will notice and land on our roof then i would make plans how would i go with them to their planet, or be operated by them as in a tv programm project somthing.. which was my favourate. Yah i was lying on the forest floor and i close my eyes my eyelids turn red as sun streams in ,my hair are in dust where they will go when i die and i feel to be dead would be so nice. To melt into nothingness leave al thi me me me behind.

Another flower

Another flower magnify
As you are loving my flowers so much another pic tomorrow i will be in the garden with my cam for you taking pictures.