Monday, March 30, 2009


Catty magnify
I am just back after feeding a black fat cat, now this cat comes to our house every day and is a very decent cat never steals just meeews in its cracked strange voice mmmeeeeaaaaooo, make it broken ok. There is another identical black cat which has a sweet voice but steals many times i have caught it with its head in milk vessle and ran after it with a shoe. This one is quiet cleaver comes through the window. Now the decent cat has established its territory in our house, so rest keep away. The day i was giving my exams when i came back i saw this cat inside house black and thin but acting so convincingly like the decent one that i was taken in, thinking that our cat had delivered. This smart one came even into the bathroom while i was washing my hands and puts her paw on my knee she had even cracled her voice like our cat. I was amazed by this behaviour as the decent one never behaves this way. After a while we went to the lawn and what i see is our cat (the decent one) is coming from other direction. This very moment the thin one faking like our cat came out slowly an froze infront of the decent one who was giving dirty looks to this imposter with its hair standing the smart one just made for the gate lol what acting and we think humans are smart!

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