Sunday, March 29, 2009


signed to reduce ozone layer depletion see the fun in 2006 the ozone hole over Antartica is largest ever observed.CFC and halons have done their job but this is accelerated by greenhouse gases too the increase of 30 percent in co2 concentrations and rising temperatures will interfare with Gulf stream leading to further cooling of Europe and tighter Polar vortex over Antartica leading to cooler climate and with the advent of spring and sunlight reservoir compounds in presence of UV radiations release chlorine atoms which react with o3 and break it into o2 and o. This viscious circle goes on and more and more ozone is depleted recently the formation of polar stratospheric clouds has been se in Arctic circle too,in 1988-89 the temperatures were low and the volcanic eruptions provided the substratums for the reactions leading to ozone hole here. ARE WE ON SELF DETRUCTION MODE?

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