Monday, March 30, 2009

Entry for 01 January 2007

I dont drink but today i had brandy as my throat was bad low immunuty due to less sleep during exams, loads of work await me tomorrow start of my anthology on Sita, and research on the book on spy explorers, i might have less time for blogging but while i am at it its fun and today i danced till i sweated. As humans communication is a pleasure but ego of some people marrs such small pleasures. It is better to keep such humans away to ward off negativity, they give wrong leads and misguide you never trust any one blindly lesson for new year, never trust never get led on by any one, looks certainly are deceptive, rest assured people, Indians are very selfrespecting and kind people not opportunists like some humans who misjudge others for no reason. good night and bye all have a nice time.Iam a little drunk so dont take my words too seriously, just a comment on human nature and how human mind works calculating all moves all the time- Rina

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