Sunday, March 29, 2009

Entry for 01 December 2006

All these shayari from my school time and college time diaries, typing them has given me some fresh ideas. ay be its time to pick up the pen again,who knows something really nice comes up?How intense were the emotions,how acutely felt the pain.Things that happened to others were so much more important.Sometimes its difficult to accept that so much time has gone by.The chilly mornings on the desolate track, in a long, collared dark chocolate brown coat with its waist band pulled tightly around.I always thought that brown of the coat went so nicely with the brown of my eyes.Breeze would play with hair and the world seemed so vast, lovely and warm.I still dream of vast green fields with white daises and want to run fast- faster with the morning dew against my skin into the blue horizons.I want to smell a thousand red roses and feel the silk of soft hair.Like the moment when you for the first time see your newborn child,a moment to die for. I want a few moments in life to be as intense or filled with beauty. Before all this i have to really introspect and see if i open up emotionally enough to absorb these fragrant happenings. God willing!

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