Monday, March 30, 2009

Child! and Painting of Godess Laxami

Child! and Painting of Godess Laxami magnify
As i was reading my daughter came with a little insect and put it in a box i gave her,Ithink its a caterpillar and now she is sleeping with the box next to her. See the maternal instinct is there even at this tender age, she says when it wakes up i will feed him!My son was late today for bus in the morning so i also rushed with milk glass in one hand, cream and cap in other,h was so embaressed as i put his lunch box and smeared cream on his hands though only one grownup girl of 11th grade was there, oh boy he is growing! This is again by Ravi Verma as the painting above and as a child i admired this picture of Godess of wealth on my parents puja room and alter, now my parents also do Sahaja Yoga meditation. Take care all my friends!

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