Sunday, March 29, 2009


CHAKRAS magnify
Am dad,mmmm half dead, no sleep all writing any way Kevin and Ginge uve been messaging me i will cerainly talk to you but after my exams,YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE CHAKRAS, ok ill try as best i can with my tired mind see, in our body there is a subtle system like this gross system of nerves, respiratory system, skeletal system and all. Now this system has 7 chakras and 3 channels and in sacrum bone at the base of the spine is a triangular space with an instrument called Kundalini, this is our primodial individual mother, which has just one desire that i her child get its self realisation. When we meditate the Kundalini passes through the seven chakras healing each chakra and comes out through the crown chakra. Each chakra has corresponding organs which are healed, our emotions also cause damages or healing in physical body now identified as psychosomatic diseases, ok its very beautiful when it spontaniously happens so instead see the site- sahaja yoga international This is what i do. You can just look at the photograph of my divine mother Shrimata ji and spread your hands and say mother please give me my realisation and see if you feel any cool breeze on your palms, finger tips and top of the head if u do than the ascent is occuring through ur central channel, check it out it just needs pure desire!

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