Monday, March 30, 2009

What do I do all day?

what i do all day? magnify
Now, its time for studies and freelance work, i edit manuscripts and do all kinds of writing earlier i was writing for magazines soon when this kid goes to school ill again do more demanding jobs,i play with the kid sometimes we go to buy vegetables(i am vegetarian)and then we go to get groceries we see butterflies birds and i tell kids all things i read as biology student.Noon time again i servelunch and then we go out jogging in evening before i drop kid in the park i chek on her in each round and we sit on swings,dinner time then my meditation at8PM. I have early dinner as it takes 3 hours for food to dgest and one should not sleep before that. When it rains i and kid make a mud bath in garden and sleep and splash in it no one likes it except me and kids but mother earth sucks all negativity from our bodies as we do this, see if you can figure out where i and kids are in this pic of rains and and splashing!And yes i am also doing my post graduation in ecology and environment and yes i WILL clean up HIMALAYAS!

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