Monday, March 30, 2009

Sir John Woodroffe

Sir John Woodroffe magnify

As i write this, his book is open infront of me. His picture in white dhoti (unstitched garment worn by men) at Konak temple at Orissa is so very spiritual. Come to think of it, such highly evolved spirits have done so much work on the essence of the human existence. This is also the special time when very highly evolved souls have come down to earth for their final liberation the "Moksha", as this is the time when souls will get selfrealisatin in great numbers due the presence of a power which is very much recognizable if we open our senses. She is 87 now - The divine mother Shrimataji. Its not my saying and if any thing should convince you, it should be only your own experiences and experiment. But I cant help sharing the beauty of what I am enjoying leading a family life. Iit has become so easy to seek and be one with divine.If you are curious, go to sahaja yoga international and click on the link - 'Experience it now' and follow the simple instructions to see if you feel any thing. If you get the time and have the inclination to try it and if you feel any thing feel free to tell me ur experience. I am loading her picture here. See, if you get thoughtlessness by looking at the red spot-the bindi on mother's forehead. Try it, its spontaneous. Now-a-days, Mother is in India, Pune.

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