Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sick and tired

Am dead doing answers i want to go to Himalayas to clean it up not lern about Arctic and Antarctic and worry about what world is doing to the only living planet-our earth-from where this strange attachment to our earth of mud and rocks comes into my being is a mystry to me too.I feel like killing people who damage earth. I feel like taking a sword and just go slash slash slash. I am so much against violance but this is too much destroying this beautiful blue world. Five days from now i will be free bird not actually as my mentor has five kg of material ready for me to put into an Anthology but thats ok not so depressing its about a wronged Godess-Sita her description is so beautiful that it brings tears to eyes. Her beauty and grace in Ramayana - the Hindu epic-unequalled by any mythological material in the world. Written thousands of years ago it still is contemporary. Sita, a woman par excellence a dutiful wife who follows her husband Shri Ram as he is exiled for 14 years, her beauty entices Ravan a demon who captures her by stealth, Ram gets her back but like all males questions her purity and abandons a pregnant Sita in forests where she gets shelter in a household of a sage. Hey Ginge you are from Australia right?I will tell you of Chakras in detail i think you have a genuine interest and will tell all i know at leasure. Leave ur messenger id on message i will add u wen i am free , bye for now.

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