Monday, March 30, 2009

The subtle system : MEDITATION

The subtle system MEDITATION magnify
Today I am posting the picture of the subtle system about which I had explained earlier. There are three channels in this the right, the left and the central ideally we should be centered that is- in the central channel. If we are on the right side we become very futuristic and plan all the time, this hyper state leads to emulation of this behaviour by cells leading to cancer. Cancer is nothing but unrestricted division of cells, when it fails to recognize the code of conduct of the body. When we are left sided we tend to live in the past like me these are emotional people who can become alcoholics or attract sympathysing spirits. When we are in centre we are in present moment and the whole subtle and gross system is healed. There is a lot of peace and we are protected from all psychosomatic disorders, ill explain the various diseases related to the imbalance in the system. It is very important to meditate in todays life as we lead very stressful and unnatural lives.

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