Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi! Here I am

Hi here i am magnify
Today it is so cold today i am freezing so how are all my 360 friends in such a short while i feel so cosy with my blog friends and its never lonely, they say birds of a feather flock togather is it so?I saw a lovely movie yesterday Before Sunset. Really a very sweet one an American boy and a French girl meet in a train and spend a nght in a European capital their banter throughout is the content but what sweet content. Had lovely time with my brother who is M. tech in Biotechnology from the best institute in India-IIT. Mom made yummy food and father lectured about how i should bring up my kids and what blessing it was to have kids like mine. I am so relaxed second year exams are a year away though i have to start thesis soon, but what joy it is to read read and read. My husband is a very busy man he is a commander in navy 12 hrs work or more he puts in every day, he is an officer and a gentleman with many hobbies he loves cricket and is an excellent swimmer. He is a very good speaker, my best friend with whom i fight when i feel low lol which is quiet often. Though we take spouces for granted they are the most beautiful support system who know you inside out. If i am wrong correct me friends.

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