Sunday, March 29, 2009


Meditation magnify
I have meditated almost every day since past 12 years and during these 40 minutes of stillness discovered things and sensations which cannotbe described in words. It is as if you ask a dumb person what does sugar taste like?Sometimes senses are so taken from body and such deep love felt that one does not feel like returning to this body, if eath is like tha then i would love to die now.The feelings are so profound that without knowing tears flow it is as if a very loving presence lifts you up and with infinite compassion embraces you, till all painns all sorrow washes away, i have had experiences that are beyond human understanding maybe i will share some after my exams, bye friend and enjoy the birth of one of the holiest of souls an Incarnation, Lord Jesus Christ, HIS BEAUTY AS AN INFANT and forgive yourself and all with all your heart and see tensions melting away at Agya chakra between your eyebrows is the seat of Jesus and Mother Mary who opened this chakra and thus made humans realize the importance of forgiving and letting the divine decide our fate,its true experience it!soon iwill lead you through the next step that is last step Sahastrar chakra which opens up and connects us to the collective consciousness its all quantum Physics but can be understood only through heart amazing!but true.

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