Sunday, March 29, 2009

Narm kacchi dhoop

Nanhe nanhe pair liye

utri mere aangan me

narm dhoop,kachhi kali si

bikhar gayi soone maan me

mehek uthi meri aankhe

khil gaya mogre sa tan

chandi ki run jhun payal

gaati hai ek milan

anjuri me chalak aai

godi me phudak aai

reshmi baalo wali kacchi si doop.

I am reminded of a very beautifull little girl with her curly honey coloured hair dancing with the breeze,she would bend now and then to look at insects crawling on grass and carefully pluck wild flowers. One after the other adding to her little bunch in her tiny hands. The sun and shade played so beautifully with her little form exploring the shrubs that the pale time stood still,admiring the moment.

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