Monday, March 30, 2009

Enough Of My Spirituality! Other Things Now!

I hope I have not bored with my meditation details, I shall try to put other things now no more politics also and no more poems i think very few ppl like this stuff. I will you what a day is like in life of an Indian woman who works freelance! I get up at 5 AM and meditate for whatever time my mind is calm. Then i go out in the garden to pluck Indian basil leaves, outside there is fog so i shiver my way to my Tulsi(basil) plants, i pluck 5-6 leaves and put them in boiling water with ginger and blackpepper and sugar, then add tea leaves and milk. I serve this to my husband, motherin law and kid if he is having cold, next i make breakfast before it is 6AM as elder kid leaves for school at 7,i pack his lunch and make tea twice again for husband and myself or mother in law,it is jasmine or different lime tea. Now i make lunch(proper with rice Indian curry, a vegetable preparation flat round unleavened bread = roti and may be some thing sweet too) for husband and pack it for his office. In between i feed younger daughter get the elder one ready with where are my shoes where is my uniform...Now time to give breakfast to mother in law ,and then at 9AM time to serve to husband and see him off for office waving bye as his car disappears. He is an engineer and an Indian navy officer so all his uniforms have to be ready thats my work too.Now i am alone with daughter and fix up the house put clothes in the machine and give the kid a bath... (its water in my T-shirt not another baby lol) and I don't have a hump that bend is because i am getting massage at a particular spot from falling water from a vent on the roof!Do i earn my living right pals? Or women in other countries work more slog more to keep fires at home burning?

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