Monday, March 30, 2009

Entry for 01 January 2007, hi Ginge!

GOOD MORNING?nice to hear from you you and i share same interest, you know i can also see auras but i stopped deliberately as all this takes the energy from me. Actually this meditation is such that i can feel on my hands all problems of an individual,as all chakras are related to major energy centers.Its a very deep science and slowly it becomes spontaneous,i will send you littleinfo each time i log in and i have seen two born realised souls here on my friends list one is you Ian. You were born with your subtle system opened up and the chakras and your crown chakra open and connected o the collective consciousness.When you are absolutely connected you become thought less and when this state gets deeper,you feel that there are no sensations, a kind of disconnection to the outside world, senses gently leave the body firs hands, torso , legsthen head till there is absolute stillness,here you feel extreme joy , a feeling that no other happiness generates as if someone is pouring milk on your head actually there are no words to express it but the kind of happiness is never felt in other things, not even in getting material things, not in relations, not in any amount of monitary gain, it is one kind of feeling which is not normally felt through senses.One gets addicted to it and meditation.

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