Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today was the last exam and it went well so now time for other things, the old Professor with whom i have to work on anthology will soon be pressing me for deadline, today i felt very sad as the news paper had picture of Saddam hussain being hanged,tears came into my eyes as i saw this. It is a fact that Iraq was a very stable country before America sponsored Iraq in war against Iran, ammunation was supplied in huge numbers by America to Iraq first it made Saddam then disowned it. Iraq was a very stable country and Saddam was tolerant of all religions there was development and stability in fundamentalist middle east this was a differnt patch of sensibility. Atleast hewas man enough to own up his deeds unlikeAmerica which has left trail of destruction in poor depleted countries like Afghanistan and war torn Africa.Man enough to stan by his conviction and clucth Koran without covering his face to die like a man. Even Hitler owned up his misdeeds but America says its all for the good of this world that it does so much of destruction so much of deciet, so much of in your face lies where is the doubt that there will be an upsurge in anti America feelings in sidelined communities. A bad bad decision with very scary consequences.We can only hope for peace, nothing more on this new year's eve,HAVE FUN BUT BE THANKFULL TO THE CREATOR FOR ALL WE HAVE-HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRIENDS!

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