Saturday, September 1, 2012

Has been on my mind, it was raining outside, I was sixteen and visiting a temple in Ghorakhal. This family had four grown up children, the youngest was elder to me by a few years. She was fond of photography and shared an album with her dressed as Mira, queen, goddess and what ever she fancied. There was this elder sister with her two young girls. We were four I think wandering in the woods when the people I had visited left without me, somewhere I wished this as I was loving the company. The eldest boy was in college and was like a living sculpture, chiseled nose, perfect features. Younger boy was my age and kind of smitten. When we returned after that deliberate wandering I was a bit scared, this was a strange house. I remember we peeled steaming potatoes and the simple lady of the house liked my presence. There was a strange energy there, I could not sleep the entire night. Around midnight I sensed the young girl, younger sister was whispering something to someone, it was her sister's husband and she was fending off his advances saying I would wake up. God that was absolute terror as I stayed wide awake and alert to run, I cursed the moment I had stayed back with these people. Moments crept towards dawn, when I left for home the next morning it was like the biggest relief. I wonder if the family was blind to what was brewing, dunno why but this just surfaced.