Friday, April 3, 2009

Nice movie!

Yesterday i saw a very nice movie'constant gardener,' a beautiful one indeed. Caught it somewhere in middle, it is about the P harma companies using African countries as a dumping ground for drugs which are past their expiry date. The nexus uses the small children and poor people like guinea -pig. The scenes with children being caught and women being shot down while the war lords raid the villages is terrifying. I could not believe that such barberic ways of intimidation and crushing underprivelaged humans existed. The hero-husband of a woman who wanted to uncover this nexus is also shot in the end. A beautiful movie, it is a shame that even today our world has such ruled and ruler classes who consider other races as inferior animals to be used and abused in such a light manner. Drugs that save lives in first world are tested on the thousands of lives of thirld world or a world beyond that if there exists one. The most funny bit is that all this sham comes under the garb of 'aid' and humanitarian grants from the developed nations to the developing nations. At this i shudder that we in India too were slaves of the British when the sun did never set on'the British Empire.'At this moment i am also grateful to my grand father who gave his life fighting for Independence, never caring for his own family and subsisting on grass in woods. Thanks Grandfather that you fought for truth, for the Democracy where we cannot be herded like animals and killed for pleasure.

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