Friday, April 3, 2009

Lovely Day

People have moved in Anita's house and i feel .... uncomfortable. I caught movie White Chicks, a slapstick comedy but worth a watch. I was laughing while chopping vegetables. Multi tasking is my speciallity. Yesterday i also got very important inputs for my thesis and as my work increases my blogging might reduce but i sware i dont want to miss a single news from you people my lovely friends. I find myself getting emotionally attached to you all and wish we were neighbours. Much to my husband's irritation i stick to posting my blog entries. My reason, ill have to start writing again and i am brushing up my writing all lies lol. All the time i am checking the hits and jumping up and down when there is substantial increase, you know it is a joy like kids have when they play house-house. My friend like Becky, such an intelligent woman add to my perspective. I sometimes think i am overburdened but when i see her i feel i am doing nothing compared to her. So it is definitely broadning my horizons. My mind, and soul are getting sorted out as i pour out my thoughts. People whom i would have never met are so close that i can ask them, see this is what i am facing what to do? I had started this to type out old poems from my diaries but it turned out to be Alice in wonderland exercise for me. I want to share all that can add to some one's life and all that might make someone smile. Ive learned from some beautifully written blogs how perfectly things are written, a joy to a reading addict like me. Some lessons i have learned some yet to learn but each day this reading of your lives enriches me beyond words can express and each day i can see the futility of seperate identities of human race, we are one and capable of loving and accepting each other as we are, once in a while when i am angry i speak of politics but bear with me. Its only temporary phase and it passes lol. Thats angry me reacting but i know my wonderful friends understand and forive me for such silly biased out look, yes i know its biased. I f some days i am not here then my net is down so be with me in spirit as i cant survive without friends. I pray for all of you and ask for blessings for your hppiness. I got sentimental today lol weepy -weepy, sob-sob. and as i do my morning yoga i was trying to touch the ground here, later lol Take care my best friends!

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