Friday, April 3, 2009

Help Me select a topic!

Hi friends, i need your help! I am doing M.Sc in Ecology and Environment and i have to submit a thesis, before that i have to submit a topic for the thesis. Can you guys suggest some relevant topics on Environment. What i was yhinking is Global warming and the degradation of mountains. I belong to hills so i am obsessed with mountains. Can you suggest some interesting topics which are unusual for my thesis. I will also bore you about the anthology i am doing on Sita, do you know there is an Indonasian Ramayan and Tibetan Ramayan and a Javanese Ramayana apart from the Valmiki Ramayana of India, Sita was betrayed throughout her marriage and humilated to prove her chastity when Ravana , a demon captured her and kept her in Ashok vatika in Sri Lanka. Lord Rama an incarnation of Vishnu fought the mighty Ravana and won her back but then deserted her in forest while she waas pregnant. Its a sad story but tell me women friends is it not true even today that after all women do they are always taken for granted and abused in all socities. Sita is thus contemporary even today and i have to make this book very relevant for today's woman . Tell me thesis topics now im waiting!

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