Friday, April 3, 2009

Story contd......

Jaya had tossed and turned in bed all night and as the birds began chirping on the tree near the window she got up. It was still dark and the winter chill was yet to leave, the breeze from the window made her shiver. She draped a woolen shawl on her shoulders and made her way to the garden. Like all days she was plucking basil leaves for the first morning tea, she heard some sound or was it her imagination. She turned around to a dark silhouette only to find herself struggling against familiar scent of her Krisna. There was no sense of time as she broke into sobs as he cradled her, speaking what, she could not make out. Her body had no will of its own, it lay lifeless in his arms as if all lifeforce was drawn out of her and merged with his. Parijaat -orange stemmed snow white fragrant flowers were floating down. She lay on his lap as she opened her red tearstained eyes, she could at last hear him speaking softly, he was smiling. "Are you ready my Jayu, ready to come with me," Jaya had ignored his voice, his question, she did not want this dream to break. She turned her face to hide in his warm chest as the sky started to turn gray."You dont answer me, tell me that you are ready Jayu and all will be fine, i am here now."Jaya had whispered something and was drawn into deep sleep against softness of his tweed coat. A sleep that was like a sleep of a million years deep, peaceful, he did not have a heart to wake her up. As the first orange rays tinted her curly hair in a coppery hue, he streached his hand to a near by canna bush and plucked a yellow flwer. They had sucked the sweet necter of these flowers as they had returned from school together, remembering this a faint smile touched his lips. He squeezed its stem and a drop of necter oozed out, her lips were dry he let this drop fall on her lips. Jaya felt the cool touch of necter on her mouth and slowly opened her eyes. She had fear in her eyes as she held him close as if he was a mist that would slip away."I am for real Jayu" he was laughing now"look up see, i had promised now i have come."She had come to her senses then, basil leaves were strewn near by she looked at the door and then at Krisna. "My god Krisna, you are here ,really here, go now its late.... go Krisna see i am married, look at this mangal sutra, you are not to be here go. She was shaking and confused at what she saw. Krisna was still looking at her, still, like a granite rock, his eyes moist in his handsome face. He came near shrinking Jaya and stilled her in his arms"think Jaya, dont be scared think and tell me when do i come for you"he released her then turning her face up"and dont panic think with your head my little one ,i will leave now you go in ,you are cold. "He had kissed her fore head and turned away disappearing into the fog beyond the wooden gate as Jaya stood with her back against neem tree trunk, shivering tears in her huge eyes not sure if she was still asleep or awake.........To be contd

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