Friday, April 3, 2009

Morning or evening friends!

Yesterday i had deep and beautiful meditation after many days. I think its time to go back into my spiritual mode of existance. I feel all of us have a basic nature,for me since my childhood it was to understand the source of all creation. When my children were born i was all the time wondering how such a complex process goes on inside a mother. There are so many genes so many chromosome but look at the beauty of creation such varity and near perfect state of new born things. There is a little puppy which comes here and plays with my daughter and another younger kid and he saw our black cat. This was so interesting both cat and the dog eyeing each other the dog got curious and moved closer. The cat had its hair all standing and now bared its fangs. Just as the dog with curious expression moved closer the cat snarled and poor dog jumped in the air to land on its back. lol it was so funny still the puppy would not go away and follow the cat from a distance since this incident. Tell me friends in the story do i kill the wife, husband or the lover I am confused!All of you take care and be good!

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