Friday, April 3, 2009

GOOD news!

No i am not pregnant lol but my daughter got admission in the best school in Delhi which is my son's school also. She will start the session in March, so finally both my kids will be going to school. I will be more free and already my free time has been booked by my friend and a well known writer. I saw a young girl today maybe sixteen, and i was struck by the freshness of her appearance. She looked like cream and peaches and so innocent i was taken back to a time when we roamed the campus where we lived in school skirts, so free and like butterflies. Times were so beautiful we would read Mills and Boon and giggle underlining the passages with romantic dialogs, though that time i was a die hard Sydney Sheldon fan and If Tomorrow comes was my favourate novel, i still like it. We would imagine what a guy thought about whom and make speculations all day long(can we afford to do it now with cleaning, cooking, howling kids lol) . When we sat to study for our graduation exams we would play music and half of the time daydream instead of drawing diagrams. I did a mistake though i had got admission for Graduation in one of the best Agricultural Universities in the world but i was not allowed to join it that i regret even today. Its fine now as i am at least studying my favourate subject Ecology and Environment. Its so wonderful to see you know your lives and see your comments. Mr Herb master all of my 360 friends are welcome to celebrate 'holi' in my lawns, please come all are welcome. Thanks for your comments and soon maybe tomorrow the next part of the story and yes i think my thesis would be on Deforestation of Himalayas. Is it ok?

A Thought!

A thought in my heart
rose like green sap
like a little bubble surfacing
It expanded and enveloped me
And valleys and mountains
all danced in my dreams
cosmos sailed all around me
Galaxies dazzled in your eyes
midnight blue of deep skies
White of Jasmine is colour of your soul
I do not know why you make me whole

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