Friday, April 3, 2009

A festival of colours

In spring season when the harshness of winters is replaced by mildness of coming summers, its time for celebrations. In India this is a big festival when harvests are over and all around spring spreads its green bed spread . The flowers in bright colours nod in the gentle breeze sun is teasing through white fluffy cotton like clouds. Long back when the civilisation was mainly agriculture dependent, such periods of rest were celebrated. In 'holi' of today there are coloured powders in as many colours as you can imagine. There is also colour that is mixed in water and then we run after people to empty the bucket of coloured water on their heads. A lot of forced colouring goes on men take advantage and some liberties with woman whom they can admire from far lol. Today is their feild day, to feel the cheeks dunk all they can get their hands upon in coloured water. A lot of alcohol is around and a special drink in curd fragrant with cardmom and marjuana leaves. Once my husbands course mate forced us to drink this ' bhang' -marjuana drink though it is very mild but after a few drinks i could not stop laughing and all world looked hazy and bright and i laughed on and on till i slept. So its a funfilled festival for the young people and on this day you are to forgive all your enemies and hug them. A lots of very delicious sweets are prepared for the festival, i too make some nice ones at home. Kids have a blast on 'holi' as they make teams and bombard each other with baloons filled with water. Its a lovely festival and the sights and smells of 'holi' are intoxicating. Another nice painting!

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