Friday, April 3, 2009


I think the new moon got me all crazy what of drowning tied to a rock wow! I had once almost drowned in sea 6 years back my husband, his coursemates our kids were playing on the beach and we had formed a chain only the couples, would jump as the massive waves hit us. Now i knew swimmiming, but i told others see the sea looks sinister, you know the colour was strange deepening electric blue , azure sometimes. These people would not listen as i again told them sea might take a life one of these days. The general mood was of disrespect to nature's tremendous power, and suddenly the sea floor vanished beneath our feet. There was suction,there kind of whirl pool due to the sudden and steep fall in gradient of the sea floor. Oh what it was, i went deep deep deep into algae and blue-green water. Initially i swam but the suction was too powerfull moving the body in direction of the currant. Water had started filling in i came up twice and started remembering the creator, there was no fear just an acceptance. As i chanted Lord Shiva's name as i feel no pain or fear the moment i take this mantra-"Om namah Shivay,"that is i bow to you Shiva, i came up and the sea floor came beneath my feet. I ran to the shore and took out the water. All adults had almost drowned but no one was hurt kids had better sense they were making sand castles on the beach, if kids were with us there would have been casualties. Next day two foreigners, both very strong swimmers lost their lives on the same beach. As i have very bad risk assesment so as a kid too i would do silly things. I dont know how i survive to write all this. The funniest thing is that i actually am curious about death since i was a kid as i always wanted to know what next and i am told wait your time will cme to know till then bore blog people with your theories and assumptions. Do i have the permission lol, be with me friends i may tell you what happens once i become a you know what-one and only Rina -ghost.

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