Friday, April 3, 2009

Lovely Weather! Heal me!

Its beautifulweather here neither too cold nor warm. Today i will start creating a dummy Anthology this is a part of creating an Anthology. To see how the book will look when all material is placed as i have arranged it. My little one is so excited to start her school, I have deliberately taught her just mother tongue so that she is not confused. Now she will start with English in School. Clouds parted and sun rays streak through, soon i will go out to get vegetables. So i rushed to get vegetables fortunately some veggies were there and while returning with bags what i see. My daughter on her bicycle coming towards me leaving the house open, what to do these kids do the opposite of what i tell them to do. I have started enjoying writing story for you friends what gives joy to you gives joy to me.

Heal me!

Heal me of wounds time gave me

Today heal me of all the hurts

Make me whole like never before

Let me feel each wound close its gaping mouth

Let me feel the pain drift away

Let it rain love tonight

Let it rain the comfort of your arms

Hold each of my dreams in your hands

Lick each tear off my face

Take away all the pain i carry

Let me be born again

In your eyes, in your soul

For once let it rain your love tonight!

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