Friday, April 3, 2009

This is me

The real me the way i am through the day all the time.Today i got 15 kgs of vegetable all by myself carrying the bags while my younger one howled. She wanted a lolipop so i had to put down the bags , go to the shop and ask for a This is life for me, today later in the day i will be going out for my work. When i am talking of dressing up or being like a dog(me) let me tell you i too indulge in some scrubbing up once n a while. Ladies there a good tip, if you have fresh lime and salt dont go for a pedicure or manicure. Do this cut the lime into half and dip in salt and make ur hands shine with this lol.

Try using dry henna in curd and a spoon of coffee mixed with an egg, apply this to your hair and keep for 2 hours or less or more as you desire. Wash with water and shampoo if you have to go out or just with water if you don have to and wash the next day with shampoo and see the silk glimmer.

Take chick pea flour and (curd )for oily and (milk) for dry skin and add turmeric 1 tbs to this apply on face and let it dry , now gently in circular movements apply rose water and remove this when cleaned apply milk cream or light moisturiser. All this works wonders after 30 try it all are my own tips and tell me if they work for you!

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