Friday, April 3, 2009

A friend is betrayed!

Today i tell you of a very beautiful woman, she is my childhood friend and very close to my heart. She is highly qualified a P. hd in organic Chemistry, she would have been a happy woman. She is not, her only fault she believed in love and against all odds married her childhood sweetheart. For this marriage she suffered hell from her parents and her inlaw, beaten, locked in and tortured. She came in my dream one day before her marriage "Rina please save me i am dying," i called her to find her in very bad state, she marries then, this man who woul be her nemesis. She studies further and now is much more qualified than her partner this is unbearable to male go. Now her miseries begin as she is beaten and threatened by him using her child as a pawn he makes her dance to her every wish. Her money is all his ,she cant spend a little even, see how trapped a woman is- divorce for her is out of question as she will be stigmatised and rediculed in this close knit socity and her parents will not be able to bear this. Now what does this make us think of one of the most hyped up emotion in humans-Love. Its all mind wash i think all false and rubbish, look what love does to you traps you and makes you a miserable fool. Yet people crave for this strange punishment like a bee would go to a flower or iron to a magnet. I tell this friend to break the mans hand when he hits her, die in the process if she has to, but dont take it down silently. All in the name of retarded emotion called Love. Still i think we should Love three things ourselves, children(for selfish reason that they suck our negativity)and flowers , for these things too take our negativity. Now as i hold my friends tear stained face and hug her stroking her back tell me did she ever needed to look for this destruction called love in the first place, on a more philosophical note love is within us and we have to connect inwards than look for this mirage outside. Projecting our need or expectation on another will always bring in misery and that misery has a name- Love. So be ware of this devastating emotion its not for sane beings who want to survive life.

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