Friday, April 3, 2009

Today it was hectic Today it was hectic

Morning i had gone to meditation centre after preparing lunch. Got picked up from there by husband to go to an official party-Technical Officer's get together, a big affair. All the retired officers, senior officers and younger Electrical and Mechanical Engineers were there. An elaborate arrangement for lunch and a tarrot reader who answered one question after other.

Whole day the men drank as if there would not be another day!There was bloody mary and once i have had a very bad experience with this drink so though i like the taste i steered clear of this vice. And ofcourse meditating in the morning and drinking in the noon do not jel, i smoked mint hookah though. I am as usual first one to try any thing so after me other ladies tried there smoking skills, it turned out i was a natural smoker, just joking.

This over i had to go to a writer and publisher who piled me with loads of freelance work and i was already fearng of how my blogging would suffer now that i gad so much back log to clear. I alredy find myself thinking shortcuts to deadlines, addiction lol. There are drug addicts and there are blog addicts now i am also puzzled by this short story , lol i am writing first of all is it a short story? The characters are now having their own lives and i just drag along writing their dialogs. I will have to see though if our lady is a practicle one or a romantic blind to mundane matters. Ill try to bring it to an end soon its getting tiring now though my lady friends enjoy it.

Its night here and my little daughter is on my lap as i type this she now always climbs up when she sees i am making a blog entry. How soothing and relaxing it is to write to you all friends about my days i am a writer and if you wish can write on topics you like. As you are my friends i want to write what you like to read-Poems. articles on New age medicine or stories tell me i will write that for you or do you want to read my boring answers for my Ecology exams any thing, till you tell me suffer my cribbing and short(long)stories.

Yester day when we had gone to the zoo my son asks mamma why are males prettier in animals and females in humans lol. Question no 2. Why males dance in animals(he had seen a peacock dancing)and women dance in humans? What do i answer to this?

Moral of the story -go to the zoo with an Encyclopedia!

Nice painting see!

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